How to decorate chipboards? Linda's idea.

First I have primed the chipboards with a generous amount of gesso, applied with my finger. This way, I get a subtle texture on the chipboard. Then, I start applying color on my chipboards. I spray some glimmermist in the color I want, in the lid of the glimmermist bottle. Then I use my finger, and with a very small amount of glimmermist on it, pat gently on the chipboard to randomly apply color on it. (Instead of glimmermist, you can of course use paint or ink. )

I use a text background stamp with glimmermist applied to the stamp by hand, to make pattern on parts of the Polaroid frame.

On this chipboard, I applied a fairly large amount of glimmermist to the stamp, because I wanted the stamp to “bleed”. If I had used a smaller amount of glimmermist, the background stamp would have been more crisp and precise.

With a narrow tip pen, I draw lines around the edges of some of the chipboards. I make sure the lines aren`t to straight, so they look random.

Finally, I have sprayed the chipboard with small drops of china ink. I let it all dry, and they are ready to be used.

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