Catherine creative process.

Przenosimy się do Cathrine mieszkającej w północnej części Norwegii. Zaprosiła nas do swojego świetnie zorganizowanego craftroomu, w którym każda rzecz ma swoje miejsce. 
Przy okazji przygotowała krótki kursik na jesienną kartę z Wycinankowymi listkami

We are moving to Cathrine, who lives in northern part o Norway. She invited us to her well organized craftroom, where every thing she is using has own place - it looks perfect :)
By the way, Cathrine has prepared a little course for autumn card.

This is the most important part of my craftroom. I like to have most off my supplies nearby. All my papers and stamps are placed behind me so I just turn around to reach for them. Under my Big Shot I have drawers with stash like bling, chipboards, metal embellishments, resins, laces and so on. I also have hangers with more flowers and fabrics on the sides. This hobby makes a lot of leftover plastic, pieces of paper-scraps and so on, so I decided to sort my trash and save the environment as best as I can.

I live in the northern part of Norway and there is no daylight here in the winter, so it’s important for me to have extra light when I take pictures of my craft pieces. That is why I decided to use a part of my craftroom to place a tent and some small lamps. This way it’s really easy to take pictures of my cards etc. It’s nothing fancy but it makes life a bit easier. 

In my amazing kit from Wycinanka I got some autumn leaves, and because it’s autumn I decided to try to create something with these chipboards. Autumn colours are not my favourite, but I challenged myself and just decided to go with it. As you can see everything is in order. My desk is tidy and everything is on point ;-) Just wait for it...

First I try to decide where my picture is going to be placed.

Then I start to play around with embellishments. The chaos is about to get real…

I finally think I have a plan.

Chaos is building up as I glue all parts together. I have to say that I cleaned my room and desk before I took these pictures. The reality is uglier. I promise! 

I decided to use the lovely small leave stamp and just fuzzy cut them and use them in between the chipboards. 

The card is almost finished. It just needs the final touch.