"Lovely moments" card from Cathrine - tutorial.

This time I decided to make a card, and first of all I found all the chipboards that I wanted to use on this project. I ended up by using some leaf stamps to. As I move on in my creative process, I tend to do changes all the time ;-)

I cover all my chipboard pieces (corners and text) with gesso because my plan is to use sprays on them, and the chipboards will hold their form much better when you do this. 

The next step is to cut my papers and decide how my design is going to be. The card does not necessarily end up this way, but it’s a start ;-)


I cover my top layer with clear gesso so that the paper can take sprays, water and paint

 I start to glue the different layers on my paper and covers everything once again with clear gesso.


I’m using a stencil to make more interest to the background of my card. 


I’m continuing to work on my panel of paper. In the meantime the lovely Wycinanka chipboards are allowed to dry. 

My card is getting together. I want the text to pop out, so I’m deciding to emboss it with thick embossing enamel. I’m framing my stamped image the frame I've choose. I’m also embossing some of the stamps of lovely leaves from one of the Wycinanka's stamp collections. I have been using a small and a large stamp on this card. I love to emboss on vellum and fuzzy cut the images. 

This is how the card turned out.