My Paris Love - tutorial from Irit.

This small tutorial is an example of Mixed Media project made over wood with no paper at all.
All you need to make this project is
a wooden shape,
some stamps,
one single stencil,
some chipboards
and a lot of patience.

Due the long drying time this project is easy, but not so short.

Here we go!
Step 1:
Take your wooden heart and make some grid pencil lines. It's really free hand lines, your choice.  And that's what it looks:

Step 2:
Take some leftover cardstock and make a kind of a mask that leaves one single grid spot uncovered.

Cover this wooden spot with a stencil and add white gesso over it. Let it dry for an hour or so.

Step 3:
Repeat step 1 and 2 for another part of the heart, using another part of the stencil
This is how it looks now:

Step 4: Stamp the background stamps here and there over the uncovered parts, using black pigmented ink and clear embossing powder over it.

Step 6: Mist all piece with a mix of mists. Add a bit of red embossing powder on one of the parts (I added over the upper right corner)

Step 7: Using Octagon small stamps add stamped background over your small chipboard pieces with die black ink. Cover them with Glossy Accents and glue over the finished piece. Add a silver heart button on the corner covered with some gold glitter glue. Cover a few small chipboard butterflies with the same gold glitter glue and some with red glitter glue and glue them randomly over your art piece.

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