Hanging Door sign. Linda's tutorial.

I have made a hanging door sign using a ship steering wheel (http://wycinanka.net/en_GB/p/TAJEMNICZA-WYSPA-SKARBOW-ramka-wzor-1/1189) as a base. I`ve inked it with distress ink using an applicator.

I then stamped some script randomly on the steering wheel using embossing ink, and embossed with distress embossing powder.

The bottle is inked with blue ink to resemble the content in a bottle, and brown ink on the rest. I have then assembled it, and used a generous amount of UTEE to make it look like a glass finish. You find the bottle here: http://wycinanka.net/en_GB/p/TAJEMNICZA-WYSPA-SKARBOW-mapa/1192

I have glued some brown colored cheese cloth to the steering wheel, and then glued the bottle and a binocular to the steering wheel. I have embossed the binocular with gold glitter embossing powder, and used some on the steering wheel as well.
I attached some thin hemp rope to the steering wheel for hanging the door sign. The letters are alphabetstickers which I have glued to the base for extra hold.

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