My favorite Wycinanka`s product. / Ulubiony produkt od Wycinanki.

Istorkina przygotowała dla Was mały test swojego szczególnego produktu ze sklepu Wycinanki
A Wy? Macie swoje ulubione artykuły?

Istorkina has prepared a little test of her favorite product from Wycinanka`s shop.
Anyone else has a favorite thing?


 "I want to tell you about my favorite Wycinanka's product! My MUST-HAVE!
 It is mask/stencil with background circles.
I struck through this wonderful mask texture paste. And then I used paints and spray to highlight texture circles. I am also struck by mask gray ink. It gave an interesting effect of shadows. 
One tool. Many variants of using. It's precisely my must-have!"

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