Swiąteczne tagi / Christmas tags

Verushka przygotowała dla Was mini kursik na świąteczne bileciki do prezentów!
Na pracy znajdziecie wycinankowe bałwanki CHRISTMAS DOODLES i płatek śniegu WONDERFUL TIME.

Verushka prepared mini tutorial for Christmas tags!
You`ll find here Wycinanka`s CHRISTMAS DOODLES snowmen and WONDERFUL TIME snowflake.


1) Cut tags from watercolor papers and round two higher corners.
The size is 10 x 6,5 cm.

2) Draw lines with a pancil and paint them in chosen colors with the paint bruch. Wait untill the paint drys before applying next color.

3) Cut estimation from kraft cardstock and also round the corners.
The size 10,5 x 7 Stick the tags to the cardstock.

4) Make holes with a cropadile and insert grommets.

5) Put some drops of white acrylic paint to imitate snow.

6) Decorate the tags with chipboard snowmen and flakes, add labels with names to indicate the presents.

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